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Steve Eschweiler
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Steve Eschweiler

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"I love learning new things and enjoy finding elegent solutions to complex software engineering problems. There’s never been a challenge I haven’t been able to overcome and I know from experience that there’s nothing I can’t do. I am able to work independently as well as with a team and am able to take direction as required to get the job done."

Deadline Solutions, Inc. (March 2011 - Present)


Expertise: C#, JavaScript, Python, Angular & Angular JS, Node.js, Typescript, REST, JSON, HTML, CSS3, Bootstrap 3 & 4, Relational Databases, NoSQL, MongoDB, Entity Framework, ASP.NET MVC, Xamarin Forms, Windows Forms, Git / Azure DevOps, TFS, URS, FRS, DDS

Extensive full stack development. Numerous team projects with primary focus on fully validated custom software solutions for Bristol-Myers Squibb. Several custom software solutions for Novelis and many others.

SecureBackup (January 2007 - January 2013)

Expertise: C#, .NET, Windows Forms, Web Services, Multithreading, Encryption, ADO.NET

Developed a highly secure remote data backup solution including client software, database driven web services, and redundant backup servers. Programmed numerous C# classes for Microsoft SQL database access, public key encryption, digital signatures, AES encryption, SHA encryption, and File Compression. Responsible for all aspects of running the SecureBackup.com service and business.

Product Screenshots:

Web Hosting Control Panel (2008)

Expertise: C#, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, .NET 3.5, Windows Forms, Windows Server 2008

Developed a web-based control panel in ASP.NET to allow clients to add/delete email accounts, access web-based email, and manage MySQL databases. Includes support for secure ASP.NET username and password authentication. Also developed a .NET Windows Forms application to create email post offices, MySQL database users, FTP accounts and website accounts for IIS7.

Indotek Web Hosting Service (2001 - 2012)

Expertise: C#, ASP.NET, XML, Windows Server 2008, Red Hat Linux, Linux Command Line, BASH Scripting, ipTables Firewall, HTML, CGI, PHP, MySQL, Technical Support

Responsible for all aspects of Windows and Linux Server Administration and Security. Responsibilities also include marketing, billing, and accounting as well as providing technical support to end users.

Developed ipTables Firewall for Linux - Placed in Public Domain

Physics test application used to aid in the development of the Flight Dynamics Model.

Just for fun in my spare time (2011 - 2013)

Expertise: C#, .NET, Flight Dynamics Model, Unity 3D,  XNA Game Studio, 3D Physics, Surface Shaders

Created a flight dynamics model in C# and .NET. The physics engine calculated the lift and drag components of discrete wing sections and fuselage. The resulting forces and torques were then combined to determine the final velocity vector, position, and rotation of the aircraft.

Also developed a bump to normal map converter as well as a normal map shader. A customized FBX model importer was also created to support bump mapped models in XNA.

Windows GUI API in C++ (2004 - 2006)

Expertise: C++ Classes, Object Oriented Programming, Win32 SDK, Multithreading, Encryption

Developed an elegant interface around the Win32 Platform SDK using C++ classes and base classes for displaying various types of windows, controls, and elements such as images, buttons, TreeViews, and ListViews. Also wrote C++ classes for registry access, multithreading, encryption, and neatly encapsulating and capturing Windows messages.

Source Code Samples: CBaseClassElement.cpp | CBaseClassThread.cpp | CBaseClassWindow.cpp | CBlowFish.cpp | CControlTreeListView.cpp | CControlWinButton.h | CControlWinButton.cpp

Word for Word - Video Clip Player (2000)

Expertise: C Language, Win32 SDK

Developed a video clip player for a marketing research firm. Plays indexed video clips that can be sorted, selected, and analyzed based on selected criteria stored in an associated Comma Separated Variable (CSV) file. Written in C using the Win32 Platform SDK.

Source Code Samples: winmain.cpp | database.cpp

Product Page - Cached | Actual

RenderIt 3D! SDK (1997 - 2001)

Expertise: C Language, Win32 SDK, 3D Algorithms, DirectX SDK, API Documentation

Developed a 3D Programming Library for Win32 C/C++ developers including full API documentation. Included functions for rotating, transforming, and projecting polygons and models as well as alpha-blending textures. Was featured in the book, “Inside Direct3D” by Peter J. Kovach. Self-published under Indotek Software Productions in 1998.

Source Code Samples: r3d.h | internal.h | engine1.cpp | engine3.cpp | engine6.cpp | engine8.cpp
C/C++ API Documentation - pdf | word
Product Description Page
Demo.zip - Screenshots: 1
TechDemo.zip (1999) - Screenshots: 1 | 2 | 3

Materialize 3D! (1997 - 2001)

Expertise: C Language, Win32 SDK, 3D Algorithms, DirectX SDK, 3DS Model Format

Developed a 3D model texture/material editor in C for the Windows platform. Imported 3D Studio models and allowed for projection and assignment of textures onto selected surfaces at any size and angle. This product received a ZDNet Editors Pick Award. Self published under Indotek Software Productions in 1998.

Product Description Page

Materialize 3D! Full Edition

View the Promotional Video
on YouTube

Black Knight: Marine Strike Fighter (1994 - 1997)

Expertise: C Language, Microsoft Assembly Language, 3D Algorithms

Developed an F/A-18 flight simulator in C and Assembly language running on the MS DOS platform. Was later ported to Windows 95, DirectX 3, and the Win32 Platform. Programmed entire application including real-time multichannel sound mixer, music playback engine, 3D graphics engine, VGA registers, mission editor, input device support, AI, flight model, and avionics. Published by FormGen in December, 1995. Nominated for “Best Action/Arcade Game” and “Best New Product” in 1996.

Source Code Samples: cockpit.c | airport.c | fillpoly.asm

Black Knight Promotional Video:
Download: Black Knight 3D - Windows 95 Port (DirectX 3) - 1997 (45 MB)
YouTube: http://youtu.be/Aqb2u2q0ZZI

Although no longer published, you can still buy it on Amazon.com.

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